Friday, November 27, 2009

The aftermath

And what a fast it was..

Enjoyed it thoroughly.Though it was tough in the beginning, yet once you're ou of your home, food's off your mind.

The evening was splendid too.bout 1000 candles at the GIP, were lit, each one remembering the lost souls as they melted away into the night.

Hope to have future fasts too, for other events!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


for 26/11 aniversary:

Us din ki yaad mein, hum ek paigaam laye hain,
Ek saal baad, ek naya makaam laye hain,
Jo dil mein hain, woh gehre hain ghaav,
Par zara kholo aankhen,dekho hum honsle tamaam laye hain.

har din har pal, us dard ko jeene ki himmat,
aur watan pe marne waalon ki woh kismat,
hum to reh gaye, na ja sake na jee sake,
Bas sar jhukaye, unke liye, ye kalaam laye hain

Word meaning suggestions:

If you really were/are touched by the incident,
please Fast on 26/11's first anniversary.
Do join us for a Candle lighting ceremony at GIP,Noida on26/11 from 7pm to 8:30 pm.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Eco point?

Okay,lets take a problem.

You worried about reservations right?
Why do people want reservations to be there?because,there are too many people to compete,and thus too less chance of winning.

Why do they want to win?
Coz they want that job.

Why do they want that job?
Because they have to toil to get money to buy bread.

do they really buy bread from that?
no,not really,but seeing the prices of food items,it seems all their salaries go into buying food.

so,you mean that since food is a scarce resource,people fight for it?
yes,kind of...

So if food becomes an abundant resource,people will stop killing for a job?

So how do you make food abundant?
hmm..plant trees,do scientific research for higher yielding varieties,ask government to stop food exchange as a commodity..

ah,me too lazy for that..
you want it simple,eh?fast!!

Everything extra that you don't eat,just for one day,is a resource.Thus you create a resource.More resource,less its price.Lesser price,lesser fight.Lesser fight,more equity.More equity,less protests.Less protests,less fasting.

Doesn't this sound better than burning candles or wearing black badges for days?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Balance sheet


here's the balance sheet of terms of rotis..

Rotis(bread saved) 2per session*3= 6
Sabji saved(curry,vegetables) 0.5kg,or about 2 rotis= 2
Water saved(not drinking since u didn't have food)=1 litre or about 2 rotis.= 2
(1 litre of water can grow 2 rotis,worth grain)

Water saved(since not shitting) 2 litres=4 rotis= 4
Water saved(since not washing hands and utensils) 1litre=2 rotis= 2
Gas saved(no not of the shitting kind,the cooking gas)=0.25 kg=.5 roti= .5

Total 16.5 rotis

And you say,i'll lose out my energy to do work?ha!
forget it...I don't need food for my survival...this thought alone can feed me!

and you say that eating on this day could have given me much energy to work for the poor.

Dood!I am already working for them,through this..
and besides,have you ever worked for the poor?

Why a fast?

Heard it many times,many times before that in everything you do,think about creating something new(that rhymes,doesn't it?)?

So then,as per this ancient prophecy of doing everything in a new way,lets ask ourselves,what new thing needs to be be done?

In view of the recent attacks and protest in Kashmir and Australia,isn't there a need to protest in a new way?

By now,the so called standard way of protests include,candle light marches,dharnas,rallies,petitions etc,which stood the test of history and have..a proven track record.

Then,I ask,is there a new way to protest?

Mmmmmmmyeeeeaaas...We Indians haven't tried the way what the Japanese do.They protest creatively,constructively.All our protests are,to say generally,destructive.

We burn candles,at places which already have lights,we stop the roads for a rally,stop our work for higher wages.
All of them,if not reduce some resource,also don't increase some other.

Accha yaar,round round jaane ke baje,the point is,lets protest constructively.
(ok dude,let me talk straight to the point..)

For wages,lets over work,so that the company suffers losses not due to our damage of property,but due to extra unsold products.

To show solidarity for someone killed,get your heads shaved off.

To show your anger for not enough schools,teach some children.

To show solidarity for the malnutrition,fast?So that the extra food saved,would finally be given to them.

No no no no...I don't say that,other ways are impractical or useless.They're all ways of showing strength,a show that you care.

The need is to combine the both.

What say a protest march showing that you're angered about lack of schools,ending in a MCD school where you then teach for 1 hour?

Or a candle light march which buys candles from a blind school,and then donates any collected donations to the same school?

Awareness to inti hai,par kaam kaun kare!!
(there's a lot of awareness,yet no one who acts)

Bole to bidu,munna bhai aayi..aur gaayi...par apan lesson bhool re hain.
(simply,Lage Raho Munna bhai movie came and went away...and we yet again forget the lesson..)


(Btw,I'll be fasting this 26/11 as a show of solidarity for the Mumbai terror attach victims.Join in? )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

how shall it help?

There have been many questions on how a fast will actually help the malnourished and dying people,so here's the answer to it..

During the days of Indo-Pak wars of the 1900's,this is what the then prime minister of India,Lal Bahadur Shastri believed.
His concern for the hungry led him to appeal to the better nourished to observe fast once a week, in order to ensure that food becomes available to those who need it more.
Similarly,here's how the Japanese protest.For higher wages,they don't go off work and get to the streets to create havoc.They simply over work.They produce 10000 units in a day,where 2000 where required.The company suffers losses,and agrees to their demands.

Candle light march,placards,black t-shirts....easy..

You talked about gandhigiri!
This is gandhigiri!

So are you fasting?

Monday, June 8, 2009

The request...

Remember these images?

(leoplod cafe)

Isn't it amazing the short term ghajini type memory that we all have?

It's been just about an year when we this last happened.And yet we are meek,silent and unworking towards any goal.

Screw the politicians,change the system,light a candle,protest...everything takes time..

What I request you to do the pain!

I request you to fast,on 26th November 2009,
in the memory of the 26/11 victims,praying that such acts of horror on humanity are never repeated.

No food,for one day.What difference shall it make?

Know that,your kindness will not go in vain.For every Indian who fasts we shall save some grains more for the poor souls who are malnourished and dying.

Wives do it for their husbands,you do it for a job,I did it for an expired ancestor,yet can you do it for the cause?

Its a challenge,if you really feel it!

Please help in spreading the word in whatever way you can.
(The web page has been designed black in color,to save energy(inspired from Blackle))
(Fasting implies no intake of food,but water and other liquids.In case of medical emergencies,do not fast)